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PO OUTPUT type NEU not determined after EHP8 upgrade while createing PO via ME59N

Already Read note OSS Note 459350.-refereed by Jurgen.

I am creating Sales order which has schedule line category configured to create automatic Purchase requisition. Then I go to ME59N and give the PR no and create Auto PO per Requisition.PO is getting created but inside PO the message determination is not working.

Hint: If I enter in Change mode(ME22n) and change something : eg. qty. and SAVE the PO,then it gets the NEW message attached and output is green with subsequent IDOC triggered.

I have spent time to read all the relevant blogs,all config starting from MN04 to Vendor master, spro OA/VN etc and partner determination is in place.

Actually this was working fine before EHP8 upgrade. Also this ame config process is working fine when I create PO via ME21N or via ME59 --> But ME59N is not working.It is creating PO but NEU output type is not appearing under messages.Any help or hint to the right direction will be highly appreciated.



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3 Answers

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    Posted on Jun 13, 2017 at 06:41 AM

    Hi All,

    Another input found with the help of ABAPer on the said issue is as below:

    inside ME59N check,there is some validation which requires some settings of background RFC.

    This is getting called from FM : ME_MESSAGES_UPDATE

    Following Message(SAP standard code) is causing the Message determination-NOT to WORK as expected

    "Inbound destination &1 of background RFC does not exist".

    However upon further research,found that this code is present in both the system EHP7(OLD version) ≠w upgraded system EHP8.

    Checked the switch framework browser found following to be active:in (EHP7-box) and EHP box

    LOG_MM_OM_1 & LOG_MM_OM_1.

    Since this is a RETURN process scenario.SAP has by-default activated the SWITCH OPS_ADVRETURNS_1,but our document type is not enabled for ARM process. Earlier we were using ADVANCED returns management.

    SAP suggested note 2424420 --> having manual code correction in the above FM solves this issue.



    message-bgrfc.png (29.5 kB)
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  • Posted on Jun 12, 2017 at 12:11 PM

    I am not sure why you refer to partner determination when your message determination is not working properly.

    Create and change are 2 different events and may create different messages, so you cannot assume that you also get a message with the create process if it works well in the change process, see the wiki:

    You probably have your own programs and forms for message processing, as most companies do, so you can only change your customizing back to the SAP standard and redo your test to evaluate whether the standard works fine. And if it does then the error must be in your custom development. If even the standard does not work then you may create an incident at SAP Support, especially as you can tie the issue with the upgrade

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  • Posted on Jun 12, 2017 at 01:22 PM

    Thanks Jurgen for the reply.

    I was reading too many documents as it is very strange issue and it was just to ensure all config are correct :)

    1st I would like to clear that, indeed we have customized system flow in various cases,but in this particular case we are using standard flow.

    also the access sequence is having no custom req routine.

    I agree with you "Create and change are 2 different events and may create different messages,",however the interesting part is I was just checking what is the standard Behavior if I try to set the same PO in change mode and in that case output type is getting attached as NEU

    1st on display ->ME23N

    2nd on Change (ME22N) with same PO no->click on Messages

    Now if I save it,it will be green(processed)

    Another point to note-> Change flag is not getting ticked even though I entered via ME22N and saved the PO without changing anything.



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