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Former Member
Apr 04, 2007 at 08:18 AM

fork in workflow


Hi I have a fork in my workflow having three branches.

Two of the branches are having wait for events and the third one is having a no. of tasks.

When I check in the technical details of log, one of the wait for events is in "ready" state. But when I see the corresponding graphical log that particular branch is shown in green indicating completion of that branch.

In the fork, 2 out of the 3 branches are necessary for completing the step. One of the wait step is completed. The second one, though in ready state is showing as completed as explained above. Due to this the actual task (which is in the third branch) is not completing and the workflow is ending ( as 2 out of 3 steps are complete).

Can anyone explain this? I am not able to figure out the reason.

Again this is not happening all the time rather only sometimes. At all other times the workflow is successfully completed with one wait event branch and third branch being completed and the other wait event branch being logically deleted.

Please help. Urgently required.