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Unable to transfer data to FSCM credit management

Hello All,

We are implementing credit management and are facing issues with transferring data from Accounts receivable to FSCM using tcode UKM_TRANSFER_VECTOR

Below is my selection screen

It isn't creating a XI message

SXMB_MONI is blank.

It was generating an error message a few days ago and we tried changing a lot of settings to see if we could fix the error, but now, we don't see any message in SXMB_MONI at all. We reverted all our changes( or at least we think so) and still don't see any message in Moni

We activated the BADI UKM_FIL

We used the RFC Destination as POS- not sure if this is right? The fill_vector and fill_fields were updated with the sample code that SAP provides.

We also used the old code that we had previously used and it was creating a XI message with no errors and neither generates a message now.

We use PI and we have followed SAP's suggestions on how to setup a sender and receiver in SXMB_ADMIN

We have setup the same interface name in PI

We also tried using the interface name for the outbound sender

The receiver is setup as below

The integration engine is setup as below

In SM59 POS connection generates a successful call back. I am not too sure if that is the entry we should be looking at.

X1CLNT100 gives an error. I have seen some documents mention this to be used.

I am really lost as to how to fix this.

Since no XI message is created, the issue should be on ECC end right?
What other setting could be missing?

menu-path.png (14.0 kB)
no-xi-message.png (43.3 kB)
sxmb-moni.png (501.1 kB)
badi.png (9.6 kB)
methods.png (27.4 kB)
commit-out.png (37.9 kB)
receiver.png (38.2 kB)
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