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Jun 09, 2017 at 03:38 PM

Many to many join issue - Webi 4.1


Hi guys
I have got 2 data providers which I have merged on member code.
This is all dimension level data with no measures

Here is the sample data

Provider 1
member code GroupID Sales code
ABC G1 Sp1
ABC G2 Sp1
DEF F1 Sp2
DEF F2 Sp2
DEF F3 Sp2

Groups are unique to each member code .

Provider 2
Event date member code CommissionSalescode StaffSalesCode
20/01/2016 ABC Sp1 Sp1
20/03/2016 ABC AG1 AG1
15/05/2015 DEF F1 D1
16/5/2015 DEF F7 G5

Now I want to see my result like this:

member code GroupID Sales code CommissionSales code StaffSalesCode

ABC G1 Sp1 Sp1 Sp1

ABC G2 Sp1 Sp1 Sp1

DEF F1 Sp2 F1 D1

DEF F2 Sp2 F1 D1

DEF F3 Sp2 F1 D1
DEF F2 Sp2 F7 G5

DEF F3 Sp2 F7 G5

Is it possible?

I have tried duplicate row aggregation feature as well but it gives too many duplicate rows...