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Apr 03, 2007 at 04:44 PM

sapinst crashes on AIX


Trying to install SOLMAN4.0 on AIX version 5.3

java -version output 1.4.2

I have set the TMP directory to /usr/sap/trans as I have loads of space in this directory, just to eliminate /tmp filling up.

I can either start the sapinst via Xwindows or via the remote gui (with -nogui) option and it crashes at random points with

iauxsysex.c:317: child /usr/sap/trans/sapinst_exe.626776.1175625453/sapinst (pid 290934) has crashed. Executable directory is /usr/sap/trans/sapinst_exe.626776.1175625453. Contact Support.

iaextract.c:814: child has signaled an exec error. Keeping directory /usr/sap/trans/sapinst_exe.626776.1175625453

I've probably installed 100s of SAP systems in my life time, but this problem, but I've never come across this one. All the notes say is that you can ignore the error if you close the instgui. The only thing I can think of is a dodgy WAN connection, but my Xwindows have not problem connecting and staying connected?