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Apr 03, 2007 at 04:01 PM

Hierarchy Exit variable in BPS



I have a pb:

I have a hier (ZHIER) based on InfoObject YIndic:

- Node : Text node

- Region : Characteristic node (char: Yregion) ex: 1

- Dpt: Text node ex: 1P2

- Indic : Characteristic node (char: YIndic)

- Region : Characteristic node (char: Yregion) ex: 2

- Dpt: Text node ex: 2P3

- Indic : Characteristic node (char: YIndic)

In planing Layouts (BPS), I'd like to display only Indics related to the Dpt and the region of the user. So I'd like to use a Hierarchy Exit variable to take the right node.

I wrote the following code (I replaced working variables by real values):


ls_hiersel-chanm = 'YINDIC'.

ls_hiersel-hienm = 'ZHIER'.

ls_hiersel-nodename = '1P2'.

ls_hiersel-hiever = 'A'.

ls_hiersel-hiecha = '0HIER_NODE'.

ls_hiersel-dummy_leaf = ''.

ls_hiersel-dateto = '99991231'.

CLEAR ls_chadep.

ls_chadep-chanm = 'YREGION'.

ls_chadep-chavlint = '1'.

APPEND ls_chadep TO ls_hiersel-to_chadep.

INSERT ls_hiersel INTO TABLE et_hie_nodes.



My problem is that when I launch my layout, the system tell "the node 1P2 doesn't existing" but node is effectively existing. I thing that BPS doesn't know where to search my node but I took this piece of code from another function and I don't know how to tell to BPS where to search the node. It's maybe at the end of the code but I'm a Beginner in ABAP.

Can anybody can help me please?

Many thanks.

J Sorel