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Apr 03, 2007 at 03:21 PM

Use own themes with WIB BW-BPS 3.5



I tried to use my own themes on a BSP-application generated with the WIB. I followed Note 830251 and the blog: BSP/HowTo: CSS Hints - Custom Design for your BSP Applications.

But there have some questions risen up, which I hope somebody can clarify to me:

.) In the blog the upload path using report: BSP_UPDATE_MIMEREPOS differs from the path used in the theme root attribute of the application in WIB. I don´t understand why.

.) As in the blog was mentioned the upload path should be /SAP/Zxxxxx/Theme - now I ended up with a folder under the SAP-root node in the MIME-Repository, which cannot be deleted - does anyone know how to get rid of this folder.

.) I tried to fill the path of my theme to the theme root attribute in WIB, but the BSP application never used the copied theme (maybe it was not in the right namespace, because my copied theme folder ended up under the SAP root node)

.) In the blog the changing of contents of BSP-applications is mentioned. Aren't changes made to a BSP overwritten the next time the application is generated in the WIB? So I´m not sure if I can follow the procedure described in the blog at all.

For every help I would be very grateful, as I work on this problem for a time.

Thx Michael