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Delete CUS& Variant

Jun 09, 2017 at 12:21 PM


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Hi All,

anyone know how to delete CUS& variant (system variant)? i tried to delete it from program but it doesn't work. it still can load the variant

i'm on SAP 4.6b


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1 Answer

Sandra Rossi Jun 09, 2017 at 09:16 PM

There are some recommendations in some SAP notes. Did you check them? What do you mean exactly "it doesn't work"?

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Hi Sandra,

when i deleted the cus&variantname system doesn't say anything. and i try to check variant again via se38, and it is still there and i can see the value except that the creator, created on are blank. so i assume it was deleted partially. i don't have access to 000, so i can't delete from there

FYI, i created new program, so it won't popup TR request


I obtain the following result while searching SAP notes with text "delete system variant CUS&", application component BC-ABA* and All dates:

  • 441733 - System variant not deleted in VARI When a system variant is deleted (SAP& or CUS&), the corresponding entries are not deleted in the table VARI. This applies particularly if you delete this variant using the catalog.This is ... of 6.20.Implement this correction.Variant, delete, VARI, catalog
    BC-ABA-TOEntry successfully validated 10.10.2001Entry successfully validated SAP NoteEntry successfully validated
  • 160162 - Deletion of system variants If a system version (SAP&... or CUS&...) is deleted via SE38 -> Goto -> Variants -> Delete variant, no dialog box is displayed for the transport request query. The variant deletion cannot be transported.There ... is possible for Release 4.6b.Variants, delete, system variants BC-ABA-TOEntry successfully validated 30.06.1999Entry successfully validated SAP NoteEntry successfully validated
  • 189412 - Deleting variants from queries A variant is created for a query in the global area.Even though it is no system variant (The name does not begin with SAP& or CUS&) the selection screen generates ...Query change request' when you delete this variant.The problem is caused by ... is corrected in Release 6.10.Variants, delete, query BC-ABA-TOEntry successfully validated 23.01.2001Entry successfully validated SAP NoteEntry successfully validated
  • 170012 - Errors when copying and deleting variants 1. A variant should be copied as a system variant (beginning with CUS& or SAP&) When ... execute the program using the new system variants, the following error message is displayed: DB612 "Variant & does not exist". 2. A system variant should be deleted. Although the message is displayed telling you that the variant was successfully deleted, it still exists after the .... An advance correction is possible.SAPLSVAR, system variants, copy, delete.
    BC-ABA-TOEntry successfully validated 08.02.2000Entry successfully validated SAP NoteEntry successfully validated
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Hi Sandra,

thanks for your suggestion, i found that FM RS_VARIANT_DELE_ALLCLIENT will do the works, it is not working with RS_VARIANT_DELETE which i tried it before. but the note should also works