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How to change Time Info Objects Text values


We have a requirement where user want to see the Short , Medium and Long texts of standard time info objects( 0fiscyear, 0fiscquarter, 0fiscperiod) in a specific pattern instead of the stand one.

Example :

For 0FISCYEAR , currently the text descriptions coming as Fiscal Year Variant Name / Year. 'Y1' is the fiscal variant and it's description is Siliconix 4-4-5, so the year descriptions are coming as 'Siliconix 4-4-5 2008', 'Siliconix 4-4-5 2009' etc....

But user want to see below description values for Year.

Long Description "Year 2008"

Medium Description " Yr 2008"

Short Description "2008".

In same way they want to see the description values for Fiscal Quarter and Fiscal Period like below attached.


1. Currently these standard time info objects are using the class implementation to display the description values during run time. Is it possible to change these classes as per our requirement?

Do you have any examples to guide us.


2. Can we remove the class implementation and enable these info objects to use the standard text tables and update the text data for these tables?

If i go for this option then for Period I/O the master and text tables are T009B and T009C, not the /BI0/*** tables. How can we update the data for this period tables ? Please see the attached " 0FISCPERIOD".




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