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Changing message type & Transporting message in Validation

Jun 09, 2017 at 07:22 AM


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In a validation XX01 there is step 22 which gives error message for some document types if business place / section code is not entered . Now I want to change this error message to warning message .I changed the message type from E to W. Message class Z1 . I tried transporting it . When transporting I selected message & message class , it is giving following messages in green color when saving the transport request .

Typ Ite Message text

001 Validation ZTT01 uses user exits
002 Class Z1 messages are not transportable
003 Repaired objects cannot be included in dev./correction N50K999175

Is the option selected for message & message class okay ? or I need to select all options ?

When I am going the transport request I am seeing the other steps included in the transport request .

Tables seen in transport request:


In above tables I am seeing all steps 1 to 37 of the validation . I donot want to transport all 37 steps so how can I delete these . Do I need to tell ABAP or technical team ??PLease revert back on this .



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Eli Klovski
Jun 12, 2017 at 12:28 PM

Go to SE10, create a transport, introduce GB931 table in the transport and introduce the filters. Screenshots are already attached in my first answer. If you are not confident about creation of a transport manually, ask your ABAP team to assist you.

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Thanks for you reply . I will ask my ABAP team . Will this be a work bench request or customization ?

Ok There are already 37 validation for a cc 0AAA. Now I want to create a new validation . What care I need to do for its transport across system ,I know lot of issues come . Is it possible to include only one validation in workbench request ?



When you transport an entry of a table, it's better to be WB type request, but not necessarily with all the tables.

You can transport one validation, but not a step within a validation.

I guess, you are referring to steps and not to validations. If you want to transport one step, your only option is to intervene in the transport content, restricting the filter on that particular step for all the relevant tables' entries.

More correct policy would be always transporting the entire validation, but for this, obviously, you need to keep your DEV system aligned to business.

Eli Klovski
Jun 09, 2017 at 08:53 AM


Unfortunately, you cannot transport a single step of a validation by standard means; SAP will always take the entire validation on board.

However, if you are changing just message type, i.e. it is minor and transparent change, you can do the following:

a) Change the message type in your step

b) Create a manual transport including only table GB931, which contains the relevant info, in this transport

c) In transporting the table, specify validation and the step, e.g.



v55ry.png (1.6 kB)
uo4pu.png (12.8 kB)
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Hi, Thanks for the answer.

But my query is :

b) Create a manual transport including only table GB931, which contains the relevant info, in this transport.

( How do you create this manual transport , Can you tell me more in detail) From GGB0 t code is it possible to create a manual transport )

If you can attach the screen shot .let me know . Regards Manoj