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Manage oracle standby during oracle upgrade to 12c

Jun 09, 2017 at 06:13 AM


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We have production oracle upgrade this weekend and situation is:

standby database is in maximum performance with 8 hours of lag from primary.

We wanted to have better fail back plan so we decided following:

1. we will stop log shipping between primary and standby just before starting dbua.

2. i will make sure that standby is recovered till the point, when i start dbua.

3. As there is no log shipping hence standby will work as failback plan if upgrade on primary fails. We will open secondary and start SAP on it.

4.In case everything goes fine on primary and business confirms then i will change environment+sync pfile+listener and other thing on standby and start sync again so that it applies all logs file generated during the upgrade.

Can you please confirm if technique is right.

P.S.: database is very large hence restore time will be big.So we want to use standby as our database in case of upgrade failure on primary.

Also provide me way to stop log shipping and apply on standby with active dataguard.


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Former Member Jun 09, 2017 at 03:25 PM

Hi Reagan,

I am upgrading from oracle to

Yes, As a preparation task 12c server software+SBP has been installed on primary+standby.

If everything goes fine, i will change ORACLE_HOME to 121 and start recovery.

thanks for input, i will continue with same way.

I will stop apply on standby in addition to keep it stopped in order to avoid any log replay.

DGMGRL> edit database <secondary db> set state='APPLY-OFF';


On primary

DGMGRL> edit database <primary_db> set state='TRANSPORT-OFF';

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Reagan Benjamin
Jun 09, 2017 at 02:17 PM

Upgrade from where to where? Have you installed the Oracle target release/patch software on the standby node? If everything goes well with the upgrade and if you continue with point 4, you need to make sure that the standby is mounted with the new ORACLE_HOME to start the recovery. If you do not want to apply the archived logs generated during the upgrade on the standby database you just need to stop the standby database until the upgrade has been completed.

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