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Error running Delta for 0CML_DELTA - Error Reading Timestamp


Currently we are implementing Loans Management Module in ECC system.

I have set up the configuration in the source system (Initialization for Position Initialization, Delta Position, etc).

Initially, I only need the data coming from DataSource 0CML_INIT_BUDAT and 0CML_DELTA and I successfully extract the data.

But then I need to also get the data from DataSource 0CML_INIT_DDISPO as well, so I also do the steps for the initialization.

I can run the InfoPackage for 0CML_INIT_DDISPO and 0CML_INIT_BUDAT without any problems, but when I run the InfoPackage for 0CML_DELTA, I received error message as follows:

Message Text                ID        No.
Error reading time stamp    FVD_BW    1
Errors in source system     RSM       340

This does not happen when I only initialize for 0CML_INIT_BUDAT.

I already checked similar problems, but I only got one record for 0CML_DELTA in table BWFS_SETTINGS_0D.

Please help to solve this issue.

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