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Jun 09, 2017 at 01:01 AM

CR 11.5 Under VB6 Compatibility Problem with Win 10 Creators Update 1703


I know that 11.5 is no longer supported, but we have a serious problem that has just arisen after Win 10 machines have been upgraded to the Windows 10 Creators Update Version 1703. Our VB6 COM application is in use on over 1300 computers among our 875 customers. Three customers have reported that when attempting to run three of our 15 reports, they get a Windows error telling them that an error occurred in our application, with options to Debug or Close. Clicking Debug does nothing, and clicking Close terminates our app. The application error event log reports that CRAXDRT.DLL is the DLL that caused the problem.

The three reports are by far the most complex of all of our reports, and are the only three that use Wingdings, Arial Narrow and Arial Bold fonts. Additionally, the three computers on which we've seen this problem are all running Windows 10 Home edition.

The application is large and complex, and upgrading it to .NET is not possible at this time. We do plan to upgrade, however other priorities have pushed that project out many months from now.

My question is, has this problem been reported or seen by anyone else, and if so, has anyone been able to resolve the problem?

Thanks, Pete