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SAP ByD Freight costs and invoicing issue

Hello SAP Community;

We Create freight as a service, to avoid the cost being prorated between the items.

However, we have the following problem in the process:
Objective: Generate a single invoice that includes products (items) and the freight service. We know that in standard process, 2 invoices are created: one for products and another for service.

We are using Confirm service Execution at the Sales order and in the outboud inventory: Advanced Invoice option, to join the two invoices.
By having different different criteria in the invoice requests, the Partition ANALYSIS separates them.
The criterion that separates them is that, the items have SHIP VIA and the Service does NOT have SHIP VIA.

Our problem to solve is:
How to remove ship via from the ITEMS or how to add it in the confirmation of the service (Freight)? so the criteria are the same and only one invoice can be created.

Our need is to create only ONE invoice, and to be able to send the invoice to the customer with the cost of 100% freight even in the event that ONLY we are invoicing a part of the order.

Thanks in advance!!


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  • Former Member

    Hello Alejandra, I was interested in this question as we have an issue where we cannot report on or view the freight charged to customers on BYD due to the way it prorates the freight over the items. Was this your driver to lead you to add it as a service on the sales order? Did you look into any other way of reporting on freight charges on BYD?



  • Hi David;

    To Answer your question, it was a need to invoice the materials and freight in the same document, and doing it as a service is the way we found to do this.

    Can not help you with other options.



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    Jun 09, 2017 at 09:35 AM

    Hi Alejandra,

    We do exactly the same thing (freight created as a service), and are able to create a single invoice per sales order, for the Materials as well as the freight Service.

    Our ByD tenant is configured to use the 3rd Party Order Processing scenario (so Materials create a PO to an external supplier, and once the PO is marked as fulfilled with a 3rd Party Delivery Notification the Outbound Delivery create an Invoice Request). The Service directly creates an Invoice request once confirmed.

    We do not use (or see) the "ship via" thing in our setup, so I'm not sure how to get rid of that - is that something you are required to use?



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    • Hi Alejandra,

      Ah, that would be your problem: extension fields are considered "split criteria" for invoicing. We've had the same issue with an extension field of our own.

      Would I be correct in assuming that you are pushing your extension field from "Invoice Request Header" and/or "Outbound Delivery Notification Header" to "Customer Invoice Header"? That would be the problem (if the value of the field is different coming form the Service as opposed to the Material, then the invoice gets split).

      Try to push your extension field to "Customer Invoice Item" - that would prevent the split.

      Hope this helps!