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Can we connect SAP ECC6 EHP3 system to EP 7.4 through SSO?

Jun 08, 2017 at 06:07 PM


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Hi All,

We are planning to upgrade our EP 7.01 to 7.4. The backend system for EP is NW7.0 and we use it for UME alone. Through EP we also connect other SAP system with ECC6,EHP3 in our landscape through SSO. I saw few blogs that the minimum requirement of system connected to EP should be ECC6 EHP4. My question is does this condition applicable only to the back-end system of EP alone or all the system that we access through EP?

Please advise..

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Hi Arvind,

First, I expanded the tags on your question, as I'm not sure this is purely about the portal upgrade, but seems to be more about general portal administration and/or integration.

Can you clarify your landscape and your question? If I understand correctly, you have your portal connected to several other systems. One of them is a pure NetWeaver (ABAP? Java?) system used only for the Portal UME, and the other is an ECC 6 EhP3 ABAP system. For one thing, why not use the existing ECC system for your UME? Why do you need an entirely separate backend just for that?

Is your question about connecting the Portal post-upgrade to the backend ECC system for application functionality, or is it about connecting to the backend NetWeaver system for SSO?

There are various dependencies between the Portal release and the ECC release, but they mostly hinge upon what version of Business Packages and Software Components (ESS, MSS, etc) you install in your Portal. Which blogs did you look at about this? Can you link to them?


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1 Answer

Siddharth Rajora
Jul 11, 2017 at 07:08 PM

typically its recommended mainly for HCM in general and applicable for ERP cause, there are other components

ALso, recommended would be to go 7.5 Portal version and EHP6 in backend etc,

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