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Jun 08, 2017 at 04:55 PM

SCP Fiori app cloud - How to manage updates


Hi experts,

I would like to understand which is the right (or, at least, the better) way to manage Fiori update cycle on SCP.

What I know:

  • Updates are released two times a month (latest release note:
  • It is possible to have a Preview Provider Account where you could subscribe a "Preview Portal" service in order to have all updates available two weeks before (so that you could do some tests);


  • Is it possible to master the update cycle? I subscribe the latest version of all Fiori standard app, so when SAP release a new updated version, I have no choice other than use this one, am I right?
  • When I enter the administration part of my Launchpad site, I have some notifications that tell me latest released updates, sometimes I see site in "Modified" state, but I do not have a real way to understand what's happening... Am I missing something?

Every opinion on how to behave is appreciated!

Thank you so much,