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Jun 08, 2017 at 04:33 PM

How to eport XML file from AIFF?


Hello Everybody,

I’m in a very (very!!) urgent situation. We have implemented Spanish SII solution (Immediate Information Sharing) in SAP. We are using AIF to map XML files (

The notes SAP released for implementing its solution seem to work only with web services (to send and receive invoices). This seems strange to me since I’ve red in many places AIF allows to export XML files.

The problem is I’m not able to find any customizing point or whatever where I can say I want to export data to XML instead of using a webs rice. Once inside transaction EDOC_COCKPIT when we press the submit button SAP tries to trigger a web service. Display button shows the XML…but we are not capable of exporting it.

Pleas can anyone help me on this? It’s really urgent since legal mandatory date is approaching.

Many thanks!