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SAP EH&S RFC Connection error in SM59

Jun 08, 2017 at 02:23 PM


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Hi Experts,

I am facing issues in RFC Connection error in SM59.

I am working on Report Management in Product Safety for which I have set up WWI server and established RFC connections for the same.

  • 1)Initially, when I test in SM59 the connection was positive for the below RFC connections.

WWI_GENPC1 (Initially was positive but after creating a report the test was negative)




  • 2)Please find the screen shots below from CGSADM

RFC Connection WWI_GENPC1 failed to connect to Generation Server SV001 – Initially was working

But, RFC Connections WWI_GENPC2, WWI_GENPC3 and WWI_GENSRV_1 are working as expected

  • 3)Screen shot from Specify Generation Servers

Here, Generation Server SV001 is connection to WWI Server via RFC WWI_GENPC1 and is active.

  • 4)Screen shot from CG5Z

But, the backgroung job for program RC1WWIDP i.e.. Dispatcher Job is taking long time to complete i.e.. just because RFC connection is getting failed WWI_GENPC1 for SV001. Initially, WWI_GENPC1 was working fine but when a report is created the test is getting failed in SM59.

I have checked with BASIS Team for quite a couple of times for which they will open the connection and initially it works fine but when I create another report again I face the same issue as there is no consistency in RFC connections.

Please help me out to fix the problem permanently.

Thanks in advance

rfc-issue-1.jpg (224.5 kB)
rfc-issue-2.jpg (245.5 kB)
rfc-issue-3.jpg (235.4 kB)
rfc-issue-4.jpg (239.4 kB)
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2 Answers

Mark Pfister
Jun 09, 2017 at 01:49 PM

Hi Darshan,

There is no easy answer we can give you without access to the system...
Make sure you have read and understand the WWI Cookbock in SAP note 1394553 - it explains everything about the WWI Setup.

If that doesn't help please check:

Kind Reagrds


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Hi Mark,

First of all, thanks for your valuable inputs.

I have followed the steps from cookbook for WWI Server set up.

Thanks and regards



Hi Darshan / Shrindhi,

Looking at the screenshots I can see quite a number of strange / wrong configuration - for example a Service called WWI_GENPC that is in realty an Expert Server.

-> It doesn't look like a clean fresh install to me.

I would recommend to start from scratch:

  • Deleting all WWI Services on the Windows machine
  • Deleting the RFC connections
  • Delete the GenPC customizing completely
And then:
  • Installing one WWI Server via CGSADM.
  • Understand how to schedule the jobs (hint - understand the role if RC1WWIDS)

Kind Reagrds



Hi Mark,

Sure, its better i start from scratch. I will update you on the same.



Jayakumar Indracanti Jun 12, 2017 at 10:49 AM

Hi Darshan,

There are number of issues with the set up. They include

- WWI services are not set up properly or are not running in the WWI server (Checks services in the windows server)

- The background jobs for the WWI instances like SV001 are not set up properly (Check jobs for WWI dispatcher and schedule them accordingly)

- The windows authorization for the WWI admin user is not sufficient to run the service (Check user role and modify it accordingly)

- Finally the Configuration of Generation servers configuration activity contains entries which are not relevant, but just maintained because of carry forward configuration (Delete non relevant configuration entries and create a fresh entries) .

Fix these issues, it will work properly

Thanks and Regards


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Hi Jayakumar,

First of all, thanks for your valuable inputs. The steps you have explained is very informative.

  • 1)WWI services are not set up properly or are not running in the WWI server (Checks services in the windows server) – Initially, RFC connection WWI_GENPC1 was working fine in SM59 and also when I run the program RSTPTEST the test is positive.
  • 2)The background jobs for the WWI instances like SV001 are not set up properly (Check jobs for WWI dispatcher and schedule them accordingly) – After checking the RFC connections which was working fine the below Generation servers was configured in SPRO.
  • This Generation Server SV001 was then connected to WWI server through RFC and the test was initially POSITIVE in CGSADM.
  • Specify Generation Servers
  • Check WWI Destinations and Assign Generation Servers
  • After, the above settings batch job DISPATCHER job for program RC1WWIDP was scheduled and a report was created in CG02. Upon checking the status in CG50 the reports were still in Gen Posible status coz Dispatcher job was not completed to start work process job.
  • When I checked in CGSADM the result was failing because of error in RFC connection.
  • In SM59
  • I believe the error is due to “Timeout during allocate of registered program” for which I am checking SAP Note “1333483 - Timeout during allocate of a registered program”.

Hi Darshan,

1) Though RFC is working services might not work also, you can check the connection test but at the same time it might be an issue. please confirm this by trying to stop / start the server in CGSADM and also in Windows server where WWI installed. To check navigate to windows / services and open the WWI service and restart the service. It will give you error and it might make the restart button greyed out for this WWI service.

2) There are multiple dispatcher jobs are scheduled and your server program is created to assign the servers automatically due to which it automatically assigning to a dispatcher which is active but server is not active (if you check the server configuration)

Finally time out error occurs due to dispatcher in wait status for long time due to above issues and also due to authorization of the windows user / the log in credentials for the administrator while setting up the WWI server.

Thanks and Regards


  • Hi Jayakumar,
  • Thanks for your quick reply.
  • As mentioned by you in point 1 I had stopped the service in CGSADM and restarted again and the RFC connection WWI_GENPC1 is working fine.
  • Now, I have set up the WWI jobs according to note 1094307 but the dispatcher job WWI DISPATCH PROCESS for ABAP program RC1WWIDP is taking too long to complete as a result reports are in Generation possible status in CG50.
  • I have checked configurations and it looks fine.
  • Thanks in advance
  • Darshan