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Mar 31, 2007 at 02:13 AM

Depreciation for Tax books


Hello SAP Gurus

I need your help in resolving my problem.

My client requirement is that Depreciation should be calculated on no of days of the month. i.e for Jan it should calculate for 31 and Feb 28 and 29 for leap year. March 31 and so on. I made configuration in " Define weights to periods" There I gave against each period days i.e In period 1 31, period 2 28.

Now system is calculating the depreciation but no exactly as per the requirement.

Suppose APC value is $ 3650 and Useful life is 5 years. so each year it should be 720, but it is calculating 719. The probloem is with bigger numbers the difference grows more like for APC 36500000 the per year dep is 71900000, so anyone can guide why it is happening like that and how to correct it.

Please note I tried rounding but it doesnot work. Also note that overall depreciation is correct i.e for 5 years i achieve depreciation equal to APC value.

Please help ASAP