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ATO setup with local software component

Hi Experts,

We have done ATO setup where local package and sandbox package are given as "$TMP".

As only package with software component "local" can be assigned to the above mentioned package.

Concern is when we transport object from development to quality system, how the objects will be transported as the package is $TMP?

Request you to help me understand how exactly the ATO setup works?

Thanks & Regards,

Ashwini Pachorkar

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1 Answer

  • May 22, 2018 at 10:30 AM

    Hello Ashwani,

    Sorry for our late reply.
    You can find more information in the online help here.

    There are two additional fiori apps "Configure Software Packages" and "Register Extensions for Transport".
    With "Configure Software Packages" app, you can define which package (e.g. Z001) will be used for the actual transport.
    With "Register Extensions for Transport" app, you can assign the extension objects to the actual package (which is defined in the app above) and transport request is generated or assigned here.

    Best regards,


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    • Hi Maokto,

      Once we reassign the package from "$TMP" to Z001, the object is no more accessible in the Fiori app.

      For example, I created a query report using "custom analytical query" fiori app. By default (as per ATO setup), the query is stored in "$TMP" package. Using, "Register Extensions for Transport" we have reassigned the package from "$TMP" to Z001. Now, this query is no more available in "custom analytical query" app.

      Till the point, we have not released the Transport, system is allowing us to re-assign the package back to "$TMP" so that custom query can re-appear in "custom analytical query" app and we can make any changes to the query using this app.

      But once the TR is moved to Quality, system will not allow us to move the package back to "$TMP" so, we cannot access that query in "custom analytical query" app anymore. Any further changes to this query is not possible as thereport is not accessible using fiori app. Only option is to change the code in ABAP to accommodate any further changes to the query.

      Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.