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SAP z t-code is executing a different query other than the query mentioned in default value

Jun 08, 2017 at 01:10 PM


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Hi experts,

I have a requirement to add some fields in a query associated with a custom t-code. As the custom t-code was known to me, I copied the query name from SE 93: default value of the respective t-code. I made the changes, thereafter. But, when I am executing the t-code after the changes are made, I am not getting the changes reflected there. When I am directly executing the query from SQ01 , I can see the changes I made. But, it's a different query. I noticed that the report that is getting executed when I am running the t-code ( AQ10MM=========ZMMOPENRESERV= ) is slightly different than the report ( AQZZMM=========ZMMOPENRESERV= ) that is getting executed for the direct execution. As the report name suggests , in both cases the query name is same ( ZMMOPENRESERV ).

Please guide me how I can find out the query(that the t-code is executing) and make the changes into it so that the changes reflect while running the t-code.

And let me know what does ReportName+2(2) ( in my case '10' in 1st case and 'zz' in second case) signify.

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If you search in SCN,you will be able to get more info.

Kindly go through the below threads.



Hi Kiran,

I have already checked that thread. The problem in my case is that the query name that is there in the t-code default value is not executing at the time of t-code execution. The report that is getting executed is also having the same query name at its report name. Can you suggest me what the 3rd and 4th letter suggest in the generated report name of a query as we know that the reportname+4(12) suggests the group name and the reportname+16(14) suggests the query name.

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1 Answer

Raymond Giuseppi
Jun 08, 2017 at 01:34 PM

First use RSAQ_DECODE_REPORT_NAME or use some search tool with "query" "user group" "work area" and "transaction"...

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What does 'work area' of a query signify? How can I change it in SQ01?


Every journey begins with the first step, so navigate in the SQ01 initial screen menu...


And AQ10.../AQZZ... reflect that the first query is a client-dependent query, and the second one is a cross-client query, i.e. they are from different 'work areas', so they are technically completely different.


Thanks Sandra.

Got it resolved.