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Mar 30, 2007 at 04:27 PM

Virsa Firefighter emails


Does anyone know of a way to modify the notification logs Firefighter emails out? My reason for asking is, we use CUA and have the same firefighter ID's on multiple systems. When a user logs in to a firefighter account an email is sent out to the various controllers. The subject line of the email states "Firefighter Login Notification". The text of the email states "User XYZ has logged in using the XXX firefight ID on MM/DD/YYYY at 12:00:00" and provides the reason and activity that the user entered when they logged in to the firefighter account. Unless the user enters the system name (and they never will) there is no quick way of knowing from the email, what system is being used (Dev, Qas, Prod). If we could modify either the subject line "Firefighter Login Notification from System XYZ" or the email text it would be easier to tell who is using what systems


Ken Burd