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Mar 30, 2007 at 11:04 AM

Blocking SO update populating to PR



I need some advice for the above title.

This is how the scenario goes.

With the auto fax system, PO to vendors could be sent more than once for various reasons. Currently where there is a changed in the SO, it will trigger a fax output immediately to regenerated to vendor as a result of changes on the item happen after the PO release (in this case changes in SO cause a change in subsequent PO).

SO --> PR --> PO --> auto fax to vendor

The user would like to block from auto fax to vendor when there's a change in SO.

They want the change in SO not to reflect to PR (so that the auto fax will not occur). In case a change of PR or PO which needed to be faxed to vendor, they will have to manually do it in PR.

My concern is:

What can i do so that the change in SO will not reflect to PR? Any userexit, or any other ways in term of abap/ coding? And what are the changes need to be done in technical side. I'm not sure where to begin with.

please advice.


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