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Design Studio 1.6: Customization of prompt dialog

Jun 08, 2017 at 09:09 AM


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Hi folks,

apart from a best practice not to use prompts in Design Studio I am wondering if those prompts can be somehow customized or used in a more user-friendly way.

We have a BEX query with a variable which fills a mandatory prompt (date, intervall). This timeframe should be modifiable by the user of the dashboard at prompt level.

To directly type in the timeframe is ok, but to navigate through the arrows and check-boxes to input a timeframe intervall is rather difficult and requires many steps.

Is there a way to customize this option away?

I mean those questions/ discussions have been asked before:

Any updates or news on this?

Thank you so much,


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Marcus - I understand; I don't have any immediate updates. I was surprised not to see this as an idea on Idea Place at - but perhaps I am not searching correctly.

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Tammy Powlas

Tammy, looks like Lumira 2.0 will care more about this feature!

I am excited to test this.

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Mustafa Bensan Jun 08, 2017 at 11:53 AM

Hi Marcus,

Apart from influencing the appearance/skin of the prompt dialogue via CSS, there is no way to otherwise customise the UI. However, based on the Lumira 2.0 Roadmap and related communications, you can expect an improved variable prompt dialogue, especially with date variables, where the arrow navigation you have mentioned is being replaced with a date picker.



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Hi Mustafa,

thank you for your remark about Lumira 2.0.

Sounds great. Looking really forward to Lumira 2.0.