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Jun 08, 2017 at 06:58 AM

Row security in the universe



Can you help us with the following query.This is just a scenario I would like to mention:

1)Table A has City and Delivery units.

2)Table B is a fact table with all the data based on delivery units. 3) We have joined A and B on delivery units 4) Row security is already defined based on a where clause on City 4) Object exists for table B and not for Table A 5)Now how can we ensure that whenever the Delivery unit is selected by the user in the report with other associated objects

(from Table B) it will be filtered based on the users association with the Groups and therefore the row security defined for the group. The confusion is if there is no object based on Table A how will the join condition on Delivery Unit be satisfied when I select objects from table B alone? Are we doing something wrong here?