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Mar 29, 2007 at 02:54 PM

Problem in transporting BW elements for flat file upload to hierarchy



I have all relevant BW components to upload a Cost Center hierarchy from flat file. Everything works fine in DEV. However problem occurs when I try to transport element to QA.

First error message in YELLOW: no mapping defined for source system FLATFILE

Next error message in RED: mapping between data source 0COSTCENTER_HIER and source system FLATFILE is inconsistent

Two lines before next message in RED (this is under Start of the after-import method for object type R3TR ISTS (Activation Mode)):

Transfer structure 0COSTCENTER_HIER_AB1 successfully activated

Transfer structure 0COSTCENTER_HIER_AB5 activated under the name 0COSTCENTER_HIER_AB5.

Next error message in RED: Transfer structure 0COSTCENTER_HIER_AB1 doesn't exist.

And eventually a message in RED: Errors occurred during post-handling RS_AFTER_IMPORT for ISFS L

Could someone help to resolve the issue? Any help will be appreciated.


PS. There is another message in the log: InfoObj. 0STARTLEVEL from fld STARTLEVEL of dataSource 0COSTCENTER_HIER is not active but BCT ex. -> Dtl

I do not see this infoobject 0STARTLEVEL in DEV. However everything seems to run fine there. Is it really telling me something?

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