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Mar 29, 2007 at 12:01 PM

Alternative badi for BBP_PO_INBOUND_BADI


Hi All,

I am working in <b>Classic scenario upgrading to to SRM5.0</b>:

Through shopping cart creation, i am getting the default Tax code ( which is depending on Product category and Plant. ( let say default tax code is <b>1T</b>).

Now i have changed the default tax code to new tax code (<b>5E</b>) in the shopping cart. After creating the shpping cart, creates purchase order which will have default tax code rather tan updated tax code(5E).

I need updated tax code in back end purchase order.

1) I have implemented the badi in srm server <b>BBP_CREATE_BE_PO_NEW</b>, it is not updating.

2) I have useD the user exits in R/3 EXIT_SAPL2012_003 , EXIT_SAPL2012_001 , EXIT_SAPLMEWP_002 but tax code is not updating.

3) what is the alternative badi to BBP_PO_INBOUND_BADI for classic scenario in SRM5.0.

<b>Atul</b>: Can you please suggest me how to approach to get new tax code i.e 5E in purchase order ? what is your cobtact number ?

If any one faced such problem , please let us know to tacle it.

<b>Suitable answers would be rewarded.</b>