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Mar 29, 2007 at 09:51 AM

[HELP] ALE inbound process and Workflow handling problem



first of all, i have to apologize about my english level. I will try to explain my problem (thanks for your patience 😊 ).

Well, I'm implementing an ALE inbound interface. My development at this point are:

- Customer Idoc Inbound function (with correct interface).

- Customer Basic Type

- Customer Message Type and correct assignment to the Basic Type (Tx WE81 and WE82)

- Customer Object Type (Subtype of IDOCAPPL)

- On BD51 I put "1" for my function.

- On WE57 I put this:

Processing by --> My function and type "F"

IDOC type --> My Basic type (without any extension)

Message --> My message type (without any message code or msg. function)

Object --> My object type (subtype of IDOCAPPL)

Direction --> "2" (Inbound)

- I created a process code for this interface (on WE42):

It is processed with ALE service and by a function module (my function).

On "Module(Inboud)" part I put my function and maximun number of repeats "0". On IDOC part I put my Object type with start event "INPUTERROROCURRED" and end event "INPUTFINISHED".

On application objet I put my Object type.

Rests of fields are blank.

- I defined a partner (WE20) with this new message type and process code.

- Also I created a Task (PFTC) for handle exceptions in inbound process. It has a rule for agent determinate.

I think it is all.

My problem is: when I process an IDOC (from WE19 for example) and it gets 51 status (error), it has to launch an event that trigger my task, is this way? Well I'm not getting any event.

I have all Workflow customizations OK (in this systems are running some Workflows).

In my function code, when I detect any error I put an error in the status table and put in WORKFLOW_RESULT the number '99999'.

Why I'm not getting any event? What I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance. Regards.