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Jun 07, 2017 at 05:59 PM

SFTP Adapter tracing


In attempting to troubleshoot an SFTP adapter issue, we have tried to increase the log/trace level for the SFTP adapter. However we get zero entries in the logs for SFTP adapter, even with trace level set to debug. So perhaps we're missing something. Here's what has been done.

- Java logging level set to debug for SFTP tree (Full subtree of ExchangeInfrastructure->Adapter-> SFTP set to debug)

- Per note 1334947 , we set the sftp comm channel advanced parameter oscomamnd.trace -true. (note we also set oscommand.trace=true in case spelling in note was a typo.)

Feedback welcome on setting additional logging levels, but please provide exact and full path to a log or subtree to be checked/changed.