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Mar 29, 2007 at 05:02 AM

We want to join A994 and KONP tables, based on KNUMH, KAPPL, KSCHL fields


We are creating a Function Module to get data from the following 2 tables – A994 and KONP and we are joining on KNUMH, KAPPL, KSCHL.

We would like to know how KNUMH – Condition Record Number gets created and what triggers a new record to be created.

From KONP table, we are getting KBETR – Condition Rate and would like to know if Condition Rate can change for the same Condition Record Number or will a New Condition Record number be created with the updated Condition Rate.

there is a field called VALDT – Fixed Value Date. Is this a Time stamp field that we can use to pick up delta records if we were to create a generic delta. What is this field related to ?