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Jun 07, 2017 at 03:00 PM

Error for converting PO outbound Idoc to sales order inbound idoc.


I have a scenario wherein PO should trigger Outbound Idoc and then Inbound Idoc for sales organisation .

Set up table>EDSDC updated with customer,vendor,sales org.Dist channel and division is '00' = General.

EDPAR>updated with customer>SH>Ext No. as purchase Organisation of PO>Int No. same as customer.

After I save PO>Outbound Idoc is created.Inbound Idoc fails with two error:-

1.VKORG, VTWEG, SPART cannot be determined for customer EEABB , vendor xxxxx


Partner number 8110 for customer EEABB , partner function WE does not exist

Pls help.

P.S.:-I am testing this in Testing envt. Is it due to that as testing might not be updated with entries similar to PROD.