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Mar 28, 2007 at 04:09 PM

Server side cookie data - orphaned?



Looks like the server side cookie is set by exporting the data to the database with a certain Id.

export (obj_tab) to database sscookie(bp) from cookie id cookieid.

( Code above is from cl_bsp_server_side_cookie=>set_server_cookie_info )

How long does this data reside in the database and how does this get purged eventually? What should be the ideal scheme for deleting this stuff?

I know there is an expiry date on the cookie. The only program that I know that cleans the cookies after the expiry date is BSP_CLEAN_UP_SERVER_COOKIES. This program does not seem to do a lot other than deleting the entries from sscookie.

What happens to the actual data in the database? They seem to be orphaned. What happens if they are not deleted?