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Mar 28, 2007 at 03:40 PM

BEx WAD: Counting total no. of rows using table interface



I am very new to BI and and facing difficulties with BEx. I need to customize web reports generated using queries having simple characteristics and key figures but I can not change anything in queries.The solution required should be generic in nature, I mean, written once applicable to all reports without changing the web templates much (project requirement).

I decided to go with table interface and it seems to me the only solution for this purpose (Any comments).

I have a put a very customized header (having logo, report title and other details specific to a particular report) and a footer displaying date/time and page no. of that particular report.

For footer, I have to design a row in the end of the table where I have to put the above specified contents. Last row of the table can be or can not be a result row. Here comes the problem, <b>how to pin-point the last row of the table or total no. of rows in table in the table interface codes itself.</b>

I was looking into NCOORDS field of AXIS_INFO dataset but it's looks very tedious to go through that way. I have no guess for any other way.

Please help me out by suggesting something that can work without doing anything in queries. A piece of code will be like a boon.


Aditya Srivastava