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why some sap companies are asking for monetary bonds?

Hi all,

I have done SAP SD certification last year i.e 2016. Till now I am jobless and my center(ATOS) is sending me jobs by email where they are asking for monetary bonds!! I have to give a cheque of XX amount of to the company & also sign an agreement that my money will be taken by the company if I leave before 2 or 3 years(whatever no of years the company wants). And the amount is not a small amount ,some are asking 3 lakh Rupees ,some are 2 lakh and some are asking 80k. How can a candidate like me who have already taken educational loan for such an expensive certification (near to 4 lakh rupees) again arrange for the money ,again take risk to give such money to the employer as bond? Some instead of asking money are asking for all the educational certificates!! Why are such unfair practices going in such good companies ,some even are SEI-CMM level 3 company!!

Now I ask advice from experts and SAP board members should I give cheque to such companies as pressurized by ATOS India placement officers? They are telling why are you afraid & why will you leave the company before the stipulated time. I said maybe I am not satisfied with the company environment or some others reasons & also they can have a legal bond instead of asking for money or educ certificates.

Thanks & Regards

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2 Answers

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    Jun 07, 2017 at 08:01 PM

    Sounds like a BIG scam!!! Do NOT do that!!! If anything, yes, a company may say "if you leave within 2 years, you owe us for the amount of money we spent to train you in that time" (and often, that is prorated too). But they are not doing any of that other than giving you a job. There is NO way I would PAY a company any money up front and then have them hold that over my head.....and think about it, you have no recourse of the same on THEIR side (ie. they are not saying "if we have to let you go in two years, you get XXXX amount"). It all sounds very suspect to me.

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  • Aug 08, 2017 at 10:10 AM

    I've heard of this happening and am grateful the country I live in does not have those practises

    Out of curiosity, if you had to hand over certification would SAP India reissue your certificate? I'm not suggesting you do this but how can you actually hand something over that can be reprinted or verified?



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