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Need info on how to set GR-IV indicator


We are on SRM 3.0, EBP 4.0 SP11.

We have a condition for which we need to check the GR-IV indicator for all PO' line items going to R/3 from SRM.


In the interface, I am not able to find GR-IV indicator. I can find the GR and GR-Non val and IR indicators, but not the GR-IV flag.

Can someone help me as to how I can achieve this?



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2 Answers

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    Mar 28, 2007 at 10:35 AM

    Which SRM and R/3 version are you using ? Which Scenario in SRM ?

    <u>I think ir_ind => GR-IV flag in the BADI</u>

    <b>Please implement the code in BADI -> BBP_CREATE_PO_BACK to get the fields mapped properly before the BAPI gets called in R/3 system.

    Make an Implementation of bbp_create_po_back BADI.

    Inside the Implementation of the BADI , bbp_create_req_back, you can do code

    according to your requirements.</b>

    <u>Sample Code</u>

    METHOD if_ex_bbp_create_po_back~fill_po_interface.
      DATA: ls_po_items          TYPE TABLE OF BAPIEKANC,
                 ls_po_items_acc_data TYPE TABLE OF  BAPIEKKN.
      CLEAR ls_req_items.
      LOOP AT req_items INTO ls_req_items.
    *--- Reset the IR Indicator for Items with Zero net price
        ls_po_items_acc_data-po_item = ls_req_items-po_item.
        ls_po_items_acc_data-ir_ind  = space.
        ls_po_items_acc_data-gr_ind  = c_x.
        ls_po_items_acc_data-gr_non_val = c_x.
    *--- Reset the IR Indicator for Zero Priced Item
        APPEND ls_req_items TO req_items_acc_data.

    I found some links which might help you in finding the details.>

    Please refer to following OSS notes as well

    <b>Note 508632 - Extended - Acct assgnment change from 'Multiple' to 'Single'

    Note 480540 - Changing purchase orders in enhanced classic scenario

    Note 508788 - Incorrect account assignment in purchase order back end</b>

    Hope this will help.

    Please reward suitable points, incase it suits your requirements.


    - Atul

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    • Former Member Former Member


      Incase you are unable to find this field - GR based IV indicator, inside BBP_CREATE_PO_BACK BADI, Try another BADI -


      Else You can either set the same in BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI


      inside the FM - BAPI_PO_CREATE; Its also there in BAPI_PO_CREATE1.

      If you have a older version of R/3, may be you have BAPI_PO_CREATE.

      In this case, you need to make of copy of these BAPI and instead of calling standard BAPI - change it with your custom BAPI inside BBP_DRIVER_DETERMINE BADI.

      Let me know incase you face any issues.


      - Atul

  • Mar 28, 2007 at 11:16 AM

    Hi Srivatsa

    GR based IV indicator is not in BAPI_PO_CREATE; Its there in BAPI_PO_CREATE1.

    If you have a older version of R/3, may be you have BAPI_PO_CREATE.

    Do you use it for all POs (not just SRM POs) ? Then may be you can set it in vendor master in R/3 which will be defaulted in PO.

    Best regards


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    • Dear Ramki

      Would be a greate help for the problem listed below.

      I would like to set GR based IV indicator from SRM BAPI_PO_CREATE1 to backend R/3. We have created implementation ZBBP_CREATE_PO_BACK2 method BBP_B46B_PO_OUTBOUND to set the above parameter. In Vendor master the GR based IV is set still in the backend PO get created without setting this flag. Instead GR_Non_vaö flag get set by default.

      There is no info record.

      Please provide your inputs.

      Thanks and regards