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Jun 07, 2017 at 09:05 AM

Dissagreation of one value over all levels in APO DP


Dear Gurus,

I have specific question which does some times causes me headaches while working with APO-DP. I think most of you run over the same problem and might have already found a simple answer. In advanced I would like to say that I am aware of the different time series settings for disaggregation.

Problem description rough cut:

The aggregated values in a key figure shale be the same as the disaggregated. The ‘disaggregation’ should work also consistently if new CVCs are added or removed.That mean the new CVCs shall have the same values in the key figure than the aggregated level.Aggregation bottom up shall be prohibited. Manually changed values on lowest disaggregated level will be overwritten top-down during ‘disaggregation’.

Bottom line: values of the key figure are on all characteristic levels the same.


Seasonal pattern on product group Level. A single product of the product group shall have the same pattern than the product group itself. Once a new product gets assigned to the product group the disaggregation works consistently. That mean the new product receives the seasonal values of the product group. The values of the key figure remains the same once a CVC has been removed from the product group. If the values on product group do change all products of this group receives the new value.

The disaggregation method ‘E’ is the closest I found but but still do not fit 100%.

Including or deletion of a CVC for that group do not work consistently.

Running a macro with TS_GET / TS_SET to ‘store’ the values on product group level and ‘copy’ it down to the ‘dependent’ products with a drill down is not very performant and also not consistent in terms of including /deleting CVCs.

Maybe someone of you have a good idea how to face this issue.

Best Regards