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Mar 28, 2007 at 07:01 AM

Error while calling RFC


Hi all WebDynpro Gurus

I am using EP7.

I am developing an WD application for KM functionality in which I need to call RFC from backend. I followed the "<b>Creating WD application accessing ABAP function</b>" example.

But when I executed the application I got following exception.

<i><b>Root Cause</b>

The initial exception that caused the request to fail, was: URL must have a host part

<b>Correction Hints</b>

Accessing the System Landsape Directory (SLD) failed. Depending on the concrete reason (see root cause) check the following:

is the SLD Supplier in the J2EE engine configured correctly? See the SLD documentation for more details about the SLD and about how to configure it.

are all JCO destinations maintained correctly? Use the preinstalled Web Dynpro Content Admin application to check/edit the destination. Use the Ping and Test functions of the Content Admin to verify that each destination is properly configured.</i>

I checked JcO connections in the webdynpro content admin. There the status is unknown and create tabs are disabled.

I checked the SLD connections in content admin , the entries are as below:

<b>Host name : blank

Port: -1

User: blank

Url: http://.-1/sld</b>

Where could i configure these SLD settings and what should be the new entries ?

I dont have permission to view WebDynpro console.

Please help me out.