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No SAP Leonardo tag in community?

Jun 07, 2017 at 08:49 AM


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Brian Bernard
Jun 07, 2017 at 10:40 PM

Hi Timo,

SAP Leonardo is a portfolio that consists of many products, services, and topics that are (or will be) represented in the metadata. The community can talk about aspects of the SAP Leonardo portfolio, including IoT, SAP Cloud Platform, machine learning, blockchain, etc. But "SAP Leonardo" itself is not a single offering or software product. You can apply it as a user tag to provide context.


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I went with "Digital Transformation"...


I couldn't find "machine learning" or "AI" anywhere -- the notion of required top tag, and having to choose one that isn't appropriate, is consistently what I hate most about the new SCN...


There actually is a "machine learning" tag.


Brian -- Ah! Found it! But unless I'm missing something it's not in this list? -- and actually, it underlines my frustration. The tag existed, and I STILL didn't find it... it didn't come up in the choose tag dialog box when I typed "machine", only when I typed "machine " -- what's that about?!


The Browse Community page has since been updated with term "Machine Learning" - there was a lag because it is relatively new to the schema.

I tried typing "machine" without a space and I see that a couple of results first (Industrial Machinery and Components, SAP Java Virtual Machine), but Machine Learning is there too - just have to scroll down a little bit.


Timo, in the OpenSAP course, the instructions say to use the IoT or Internet of Things tag for SAP Leonardo products


But that was the old Leonardo... I'm not going to tag a piece about SAP Leonardo ML or SAP Brand Impact as "IoT"...

Jelena Perfiljeva
Jun 07, 2017 at 05:04 PM

Oh snap, 3200 tags and none for the hottest SAP product! :)

There was a question posted here few months ago on how to request the new tags, might want to search. Seems to be some kind of chain of approval within SAP.

So far looks like people have been using IoT tag for Leonardo stuff.

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Thanks -- that's presumably because it was the IoT product name! But now expanded to "Digital Innovation System..." I went with "Digital Transformation" as the main tag, which is fine...


Want to easily follow a topic to get the latest thoughts on Machine Learning or AI or SAP CoPilot? Well, you can't....


That's because someone at SAP (cough, cough) decided that "tag = product" and apparently these are not "products". IMHO tags should be rather "topics" than "products" but what do I know...