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Smartform with only 1 main Window with a template inside and wanted to loop

Jun 07, 2017 at 08:02 AM


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my requirement is i need to print some material text on each of the lables for example i give material number and provide the count as 12. then i need to print the same material number on 12 of these lables. is this possible in smartfroms

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What have you tried so far and what specific technical challenge are you facing?

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1 Answer

Florian Henninger
Jun 08, 2017 at 06:07 AM

Yes, it is possible. The key to archive that is using a table and specify the rows. But before going further, what have you tried, which kind of printer is used... so just the same questions still there Jelena asked before.

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Thanks Florian & Jelena..

my selection screen(single values) consists of matnr, date , rate and Count...

on the label i need to print matnr,maktx,date,rate,and company address(Hard Coded).

from driver program i am passing matnr, rate,date , Count and in smartform fetched maktx stored in internal table .

Internal table always consists of only only record..( As selection is single material wise)..

now in smartform in main window i have created a template with the first 3 lables ...

now i want to loop the main window depending on the count given ex: count = 10 then i will print 10*3 = 30 lables

one more problem is the page size width is fixed to 10 cm but height is infinite no limit .... as they want to print this in Laser printer / Argox printer


I would set my smartform up to have a page height of one row of labels plus the top and bottom margins. Then in the main window have a template with the cells with widths that fit the labels and also including the gutters etc for the labels so that each new cell prints at the start of each label..

Divide your label count into 4 and have an outer and inner loop. The inner loop will have a count of 4. Populate each cells text with your material text.

At the end of the inner loop issue a page feed, and then continue with the outer loop.



oops - miscounted the number of labels - should be 3 instead of 4.....

You will also have to have a final loop after the main loop to finish off the remainder count.