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Former Member
Mar 27, 2007 at 10:27 PM

Deadline seems to be dead for me!!!


I have done this before ... now i am wondering whats wrong here..

i have an idea what it could be... but just wanted to run it thru the ppl here just to check if i am missing something...

I added a deadline to a display workitem..

1minute starting from the time for the creation of the workitem..

As you could have guessed that it is not triggering... now i checked the container values for that instant... it shows me the following....

Desiredendaction - SWW_DI_CREATE

Now this is suppose to be a FM correct ? It does not exist could that be the reason.

Its a pretty simple deadline i have no idea why it refuses to trigger.

Anyidea's i am totally out of ideas here... I am on 4.7C

I have done this on 4.5B and ECC5.0 before... it would work then just by doing what i have done before...

Any clues anyone!!!!!!!!!!