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Xcelsius Dashboard Promotion Management Issue

Jun 07, 2017 at 06:21 AM


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We have moved some dashboards built on BEx queries through promotion management from Development to Quality to Production collecting all the objects and then moving.

We have an issue that dashboards that are moved to Quality are not able to show data from query and give error and we have to again edit dashboards using Xcelsius and readd queries and map everything again.

But in Production no issues is like and it is picking everything perfectly and we don't have to do any manual work or re-edit anything.

What could be the issue, please suggest.

Warm Regards,


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1 Answer

Denis Konovalov
Jun 07, 2017 at 11:48 AM

I'm sorry, but this is how your question sounds : "we do some thing between 3 things and then in one thing something not working, but works in other thing. what could be the issue ?"
How would anyone be able to answer that ?
If you want a good answer, you need to ask a good question.
Start with giving environment details, like the version of BOE you're using ?
Then explain the workflow in more details - are you using central Promotion management system and promote Dev to QA and then Dev to Prod or are you promoting using different promotion managements and do Dev to Qa and QA to Prod workflows ?
Then, what are the actual issues with Dashboards in QA ? What exactly is not working and needs fixing ?
Do the jobs to QA report success or produce partial success ?
It will be impossible to provide any suggestion without above at all.

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Hi Denis,

Sure, let me try to rephrase and give more details, sorry I missed.

BO version is 4.1. When we move the Dashboard from Dev to Qas through promotion management, it says for the queries included in the dashboards "Object sax88e302 is not availabe in the CMS or you don't have authorization for it" in the BO QAS system.

But when we send the BO dashboard from QAS to PRD they work fine. ( through promotion management ). QAS status is 'Partial Success' through promotion management when sent from DEV to QAS.

warm regards,



Ok, so this means that you either missing this object or do not have access to it in QA. Basically, your QA system is different from both dev and prod - either in content or in how security is applied.
You need to investigate what this object is.