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Mar 27, 2007 at 04:48 PM

Remote execution on windows invoked from Linux


Dear all,

I have a problem and would be great if anyone could give me a clue about how to go on.

We are trying to migrate a big group of old computers from Windows to GNU/Linux. We are implementing a distributed environment to cope with performance problems. It is an interesting project, but we are finding some difficulties to migrate windows software and hardware, so meanwhile we have to make both systems cooperate, and they don't seem to get along so well 😊

Ok, so we have a <b>Debian Etch</b> using <b>JAVA SAPGui (v7.00r2) - PlatinGUI-Linux-700r2.jar</b> (btw, is there a linux native SAPGui - not the JAVA one?) to connect to SAP/R3 and then send a remote procedure invocation in a Windows XP computer. I am not very good with SAP, but after consulting an expert, he advised me to use <b>SM59 and RFCExec</b> to do so.

The thing works when invoked from Windows, but doesnt when connecting from Linux. While I was wondering why (I supposed the RFCExec was launched from SAP/R3), I tried the invocation from a different windows XP computer and it crashed too. I need no feedback, but the SAP/R3 keeps asking the computer originally connecting to the SAPGui for some requirements (at least MSCOMM32.OCX in the Windows case)

So, Id like to know if:

<b>is it possible to invoke remote execution from a Linux connecting to the SAPGui in a Windows computer? how?</b>

Thank you very much for your time and I'm glad that, though we have to fight for it (and that makes it more exciting and rewarding 😊, GNU/Linux is growing!