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Installation of SAP Business Objects Client tools 4.2 SP3 errors out GDI+ is required

Jun 06, 2017 at 08:22 PM


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Hi All,

Once the client suite 4.2 SP3 installed, and when IDT is launched , while building the data foundation layer on a relational connection, it errors out as below:

Could you let me know how this error can be resolved. We tried a clean uninstall and re-install but its still erroring out. Plz help.

Server : 4.2 SP3 Clients : 4.2 SP3



idt-error.jpg (34.4 kB)
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you have a misleading title, please fix it as it is not about installation, it is about error when running.

also, what is the OS on which you're running IDT ?
Is it specific to the DB connection used ? (like use sample access db connection or connection to xls file)


Apologies, and yes , the error pops up only while building dfx layer post installation. OS is windows 7 (end user machine). Tried both Oracle connection and Netezza. Both error out saying GDI + is required.




In that case it looks like an issue is with that windows 7 -

You can try downloading and installing it :

Reboot and then test IDT...
Might need to repair clients install after that if still not working.

Or the user you're running IDT under doesn't have access to core Windows functionality.
Consult with your System Admins for why GDI+ is not accessible.

We have tried with a user who has admin privileges on the system(Windows 7 machine) and it worked without erroring out.

Seems to me like a permission issue on the control file.

Whats interesting is , it errors out despite we give full control permission on this file path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\win32_x86\gdiplus.dll. But alteast from your help, we see that's it something to do with permissions. Thanks for your help Denis.




If Admin user works - it is definitely with file or registry permissions, you can find where it comes from by using Process Monitor - it'll show which files/registry is not accessible.

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