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Mar 26, 2007 at 11:26 PM

2004s Web Development Problem (Updates not showing up)


Hi, I'm having major issues with WAD. We have 4 app servers. When I make a change to a chart in my web template the changes do not seem to take effect. At least not right away and not consistently. I have tried everything to come up with a pattern or solution. Clearing out the ICM cache in all of the servers doesn't seem to work. Clearing out my browser cache doesn't seem to work. Clearing out the PCD cache didn't seem to work either.

So I can't tell wether it is a Cache problem or the App servers are not syncronizing. Sometimes it seems like 1 or more of the servers might get the change, but another one won't.

Has anyone experienced this problem? Can you help? Also, it doesn't seem to make sense that you would have to empty the cache in each server for any little web template change you make. Does it? What should the process really be? Make 1 change and then empty the cache on each server?

We are on 2004s sps10

I have a SAP Message logged, but it's gonna be tough to nail it down with them since the problem could be cover several areas.

Any help is greatly appreciated!