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Mar 26, 2007 at 10:55 PM

Supply and Demand Propagation not working in SCM5.0


Just curious if anyone is using S&OP (Supply and Demand Propagation) in APO?

I am using SCM v5.0 and Planning Area 9ASNP01 can not be initialized.

OSS 832393 states: The SNP propagation planning (planning area SNP 9ASNP01, transaction /SAPAPO/SNPSOP) can only be used with times series live Cache. In productive systems, this functionality should be used only after consultation of SAP.

I am trying to use the standard default SAP Planning area 9ASNP01 and am curious what needs to be done to use it?

I am submitting on OSS message for this, but am curious to see if anyone is using S&OP currently in APO?

Ken Snyder