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Mar 26, 2007 at 05:36 PM

Field Selection in Query


Hi Experts,

I created a query with a join on 2 tables( Table A and B). B may not have records all the time so I joined them with left outer join. Now I get all records from A based on selection criteria showing blank in fields from B if no entries are found in B.

Now I have entires from B that repeat in output. I want to stop multiple entries from B (Eg: value field). I have 2 entries in table B, with value 0 and value $$. <b>I want all entries from A with entries from B ( but only those entries from B that have value $$) AND blank entries but NOT entries with value=0.</b> I cannot select value field in <i>selection</i> and do an exclusion as this will exclude my blank entries from table B.

Is there a way to select entries from 1 table based on a field entry eg: Select only those fields with value $$ but NOT Value 00, while joining tables in Query.


ABAP, Query, Joins, Field selection, Exclusion