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Mar 26, 2007 at 05:30 PM

CATS - Deduction of Absence Quotas


Hi All,

Scenario - An employee has 2 quotas .. say Sick and Vacation. As an example

each of the quotas have 10 hrs entitled towards it. So infotype 2006 has sick = 10 hrs and vacation = 10 hrs. An employee enters sick absence of 12 hours, the system breaks it as 10 from the sick and 2 from the vacation quota ( This is taken care on the IMG side) Is there a way in which a message can be thrown to the employee on CATS while saving that "Since he/she maxed out on sick time (10 hrs) the other 2 hours are being taken off from vacation quota?

Can this be acheived through IMG or need to use any of the CATS enhancements ?