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Mar 26, 2007 at 04:27 PM

DTP delta loads


Hi Gurus,

The situation is as below:

We have an ODS and a CUBE BI 2004s system. I have loaded an INIT load to PSA. Then did a delta load using DTP to the ODS. First time it loaded 39 records. From this ODS as datasource i loaded this data further using another DTP to the cube as delta and the result was i got 39 records in the cube also.

Now i did a delta load second time to PSA and then to ODS using DTP. This time the data loaded was 126 records. Now the ODS consists of 39 records in the first request and 126 records in the second one. Then i loaded delta load from this ODS to cube using DTP. The first request consisted of 39 records. The second request fetched 165 records ( 165 Transferred and 105 added). Since i had disabled few mappings in the transformation 60 records got filtered out. But the question is rather than getting 126 records in the cube I got 165 records which is an addition of two requests of ODS (39 + 126).

Please do let me know where i am going wrong to fetch the delta load to the cube.

Answers will be rewarded equally.

Thanks and Regards