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Interview questions

Hi michael,

I would b having interview this weekend.can u please send me interview questions on XI for the level of 1 yr experience??please send as soon as possible.

Thanks in Advance

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4 Answers

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    Mar 26, 2007 at 02:07 PM

    check Michal FQA



    Sreeram Reddy

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  • Mar 26, 2007 at 02:04 PM

    search the SDN with term <u>interview question</u>....u will get cople of threads....those shud help u

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    Mar 26, 2007 at 02:28 PM

    Hi RAmbabu,.

    Please see the below two sets..Hope this will give you give more information.


    Check out these questions,

    The type of questions which can be asked are :

    -->Steps required to configure a scenario
    -->Types of mapping
    -->which all configurations you need to do in R/3
    for an Idoc to file scenario
    -->Questions regarding the interfaces you have worked
    -->Qestions on adapters eg. Idoc , RFC etc
    -->How to configure JDBC Adapter(Sender & Receiver)
    -->Qestions on Content conversion
    -->Questions on BPM and the step types in BPM.
    -->Questions on ALERTS. How to configure Alerts, alert rules, etc.
    -->Architecture of XI.

    For help on all these, just check the following link,

    -->Steps required to configure a scenario

    1. Interface Determination-- RB_SPLIT and RB_CLASSIC, condtional Interface Determination

    2. Receiver Determination -- Conditional Receiver Determination.

    3. Sender / Receiver Agreement-- Why doesnt IDOC and HTTP have a sender agreement, etc.

    Flow of how XI determines the configuration scenario

    > >Types of mapping

    1. Types of Java Mapping -- DOM and SAX Parser. Advantages and Disadvantages.

    2. XSLT mapping

    3. Graphical Mapping--

    Questions on context change, standard functions in XI etc.

    -->Qestions on adapters

    1. Which adpaters run on j2ee engine and which run on ABAP stack.

    2. Use of each adapter

    -->Qestions on Content conversion

    1. how and why is content conversion performed.

    -->Questions on BPM and the step types in BPM.

    1. Correlation

    2. synch/asynch bridge

    3. Collect pattern.

    4. For each and par for each in a block

    5. send synchronously and asynchronously.

    6. Step types in BPM.

    -->Questions on ALERTS. 1. How do u define Alert Category, rules, etc.

    2. How do you test an Alert.

    3. Alerts in a BPM

    -->Architecture of XI1. How and what are the stacks available in XI

    2. Need for datatype, message type, message interface, message mapping, interface mapping, etc.

    3. Synch/ Asynch/ outbound/inbound/ abstract interfaces, etc.

    How do you monitor your messages in XI.

    1. What is the difference between the monitoring done on the RunTimeWorkBench and the one done using SXMB_MONI.

    2. What is End to End Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Cache Montioring etc.

    3. What is a Business System, Technical System, Logical System, and other questions related to the System Landscape Directory (SLD ).


    1. Which of the following are Components of XI

    MDM, Adapter Framework, RWB, SLD, IS

    2. What is a XI Pipeline?

    3. Source element occurs once whereas the target element it is mapped to is produced 3 times when the mapping is executed. Why does this happen?

    4. A context object is used in place of what?

    5. what is UDF? What are the mandatory functions that you use in a Java based UDF

    a. Init() , Execute(), Destroy(), Run(), SetParameter()

    6. ABAP mapping is implemented using what?

    7. When you don’t find the ABAP mapping option in IR what do u do?

    8. Any of the of different Mapping types (Java, MM, XSLT, ABAP) can be called in any order for Interface mapping ? True of False

    9. Is true case sensitive in case of a Boolean function and can 1 be interpreted a Boolean TRUE?

    10. what is Context Changes ?

    11. What are the protocols that the Mail adapter supports

    12. Why is a SAP BC used?

    13. WSDL representation of a Message Interface is used to generate what kind of proxies?

    a. ABAP Proxies

    b. Java Proxies

    c. Neither ABAP nor Java

    d. Both ABAP and Java proxies

    14. Would you configure a Sender IDOC communication channel?

    15. You are required to upload additional libraries for the JMS adapter. How would you do it?

    16. QoS that a Sender JDBC communication channel supports

    17. What are the transport protocols a JMS adapter supports?

    18. Would you configure the Integration Server as a Logical system in a scenario where IDOCs are being sent from a SAP R/3 system to XI?

    19. Why do we specify the Logical System name in the SLD?

    20. The pre-requisites for sending IDOCs to an XI system

    a. Connection parameters must be maintained in SWCV

    b. User must have administration rights in XI

    c. The IDOC metadata must be imported into IR

    21. You need to post a transaction using a RFC. How would you accomplish this?

    a. Use a async BAPI call with implicit Commit?

    b. Use a async BAPI call with explicit Commit?

    22. what is PCK? What is the necessity for a PCK?

    23. In a company the Central Adapter Engine is installed close to the business partner site. Why do you this this is done?

    24. The flow of a message entering the Adapter Engine from Integration Server is--

    a. It is queued, processed using module processors and then posted to the backend application

    b. It is processed using module processors, queued and then posted to the backend application

    25. Is the persistence layer used by the Adapter Engine and the Integration Engine (Integration Server) same?

    26. Is the Message ID specified in the Integration Engine same as the Message ID used during the Message transformation in the Adapter engine?

    27. Would you configure a Sender HTTP adapter?

    28. QoS in case of a RFC Receiver adapter

    29. Sync-Async bridge is used for?

    30. A Business Process is

    a. Executable cross component

    b. Can send and receive messages

    31. What is the purpose of a deadline branch

    32. What is SXI_CACHE used for?

    33. Container elements can be typed to what ?

    34. Why is a Wait step used?

    35. A block can have which of the following?

    a. Multiple Exception branches

    b. Multiple Condition branches

    36. For what all step types can you use a Corelation?

    37. Which of the following is true?

    a. Blocks can be Nested

    b. Blocks can be Overlapped

    38. You need to collect and club messages in a container element coming from different steps. How would you do this?

    39. In case of a Block, which of the following is true?

    Elements of a super container are visible in sub-containers

    Elements of a subordinate container are not visible in all blocks

    Elements defined in the process container are visible in all blocks

    40. what is Co relation & Local Co-relation

    41. Where can you use N: M transformation?

    42. Alert framework uses/leverages CCMS?

    43. If you want to cancel a process and set its status to ‘Logically Deleted’ when a Deadline is reached, do you need to use a Control Step having its Action as ‘CancelProcess’ or is it automatically done?

    44. What are the ways an Exception can be triggered?

    45. What would be the best architecture after implementing SAP XI? Implementing EDI adapter(s).

    46. How to run the Adapter engine as a service?

    47. How SAP Netweaver supports a holistic approach to BPM (Business Process Management)?

    48. What is the role of SAP XI?

    49. How can we differentiate SAP XI from Business Connector (BC)?

    50. How to send mail from SAP XI?

    51. What are the migration steps from XI 2.0 to XI 3.0?

    52. XI will support synchronous communication and asynchronous communication?

    A. Yes

    B. No

    53. Integration server contains the following components?

    A. Additional integration services

    B. Integration Engine

    C. Business Process Engine

    D. Integration Repository

    54. Integration Repository provides the following components?

    A. Business processes

    B. Mapping Objects

    C. Components at design time

    D. Imported objects

    55. What is the usage of Web Application server in XI?

    56. What is the use of RFC and IDOC Adapters in XI?

    57. How to convert WSDL (Web Services Descriptive Language) to target language?

    58. What is the component to generate Jave classes?

    59. What is ESA (Enterprise Service Architecture)?

    60. What are the key elements of ESA?

    61. How to transport SLD, Integration Directory & Integration Repository objects to the Production system?

    62. Can we import XSD Schemas into XI 2.0?

    63. which api you use for java mapping.

    64. You use context object in place of what?

    65. To make non mandatory node mandatory which you should to?

    66. In case of RFC communication sender system sends a rfc call but target system does not receive it. What you think went wrong?

    67 Difference between Xi business process and workflow ?

    68. When you use transaction SXMB_MONI for process monitoring, which field tells you that the entry is for business process.

    69. What are different Xi components?

    70. In which all places you can use receive process?

    71 In which all steps you can activate correlation?

    Please let me know if you have any queries..!

    Thanks and Regards,


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    Former Member
    Mar 26, 2007 at 03:16 PM
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