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Mar 26, 2007 at 12:53 PM

WebDynpro F4 Help-Values


Hi all,

I'm needing some help on how to make available the F4 values for fields passed into WebDynpro by means of imported RFC from SAP R/3 backend.

Consider the following BAPI:


There are several fields with F4 values possibility:

FORMOFADDRESS wich as definined in the domain the value table T522G


MARITALSTATUS wich as defined in the domain the value table T502T


GENDER wich as definied in the domain some fixed values (no value table)

or in (Bank Data)

BANKL (Bank Keys) - Explicit search help attachment to field H_BANKL

When i build up the application and apply a form template to display the return values from the RFC, the only Value Help i'm getting is from GENDER.

How can i make available the value help for the other input-fields?!?!

Please provide some guidance/tutorial/help

I've read about 3 type of ways to do it:

- SVS - Simple Value Selector

- EVS - Extended Value Selector

- OVS - Object Value Selector

But just can't figure out what to do to make it work ...

Must i build new RFC's to replace the Value Tables for each field in the BAPI?!?


Mário Semedo